Who is Zubeen Garg?

What's his name?...Who sang the song Ya..Ali..?...Is what he himself and his fan wouldn't like to hear?


Though his song is very popular amongst youngster, he is not popular as his song is. Why not? He is not the poster boy of those television shows where famed and one-song wonder singer shares seats as judges. He doesn’t appear in dozens of bollywood-based programmes. He doesn’t appear in the ‘Coffee with Karan’, a programme anchored by Karan Jahor in Star One. Very important! And he doesn’t have “CONTROVERSIES” that would surely place him in the Page 3. He is just like you and me, miles away from the limelight, busy in our own world.

He is the most sensational, and the most revered iconic figure of Assamese film industry. His name and his songs doesn’t need introduction. Well, it is not for which he is recognized beyond Assam and of course in the northeastern part of India. It is his songs sung by him that put up musical charts on fire, for which he is acknowledged.

When did you last time hear the song Yaaa…Ali ..from the movie Gansgstar? OK! You can’t remember. Of course it is not possible from everybody’s part to remember when did he/ she hear any particular song. Same here. I also can’t remember when did I last time hear the song Ya…Ali? But I remember an incident associated with this song, which you will find ‘very funny’!

This incident happened months ago back. It was early in the morning I boarded a bus from Cannaught Place to go to Laxmi Nagar. I placed myself on a seat just beside the driver. And as soon as my lower part of my body touched the seat the song Ya…Ali took off from the Delhi’s ubiquitous radio. The driver got so much mesmerized by this song, it seems the song has been able to express him much better.

At first, he started crooning the song, finding nowhere to the song. He stopped singing the song and shared with me the secret that I did not know. And the song Ya…Ali was sung by none other than a Dubai based singer!!!! I got flabbergasted with his knowledge – General Knowledge (GK).

I didn’t tell him that the singing maestro “Zubeen Garg” sang the song. No doubt, Ya …Ali …gave him the necessary impetus to hover over in the musical arena at the national level. But being his fan, I find he is not cashing in with the status at presently he is bestowed upon.

I really feel sorry for him. He is not utilizing from the vantage point he is in. And I have point to say.

You open any television channel, you will find singers, lyricists, and music directors etc...seating and judging contestants. Don’t you think their appearance makes them household names and the same time the ‘camera coverage’ they do enjoy, which I think and it is the truth, their appearance gives them the oxygen that is required to their professional success?

There are many singers; actors and actresses, to name a few who have sailed through their troubled time, thanks to high penetration power of small tube – they have anchored their ship firmly. Ask Sonu Nigam of Sa Re Ga Ma, Shaan of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa; Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kishan, Carol Gracious, Aryan Ved of Big Boss; and not to forget Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty, how there are professional life was brought to track. They will not deny the role the programmes played in their life.

Few days’ back I got astounded and it virtually made me to bite my nails when I saw Babool Supriyo of Kaho Na Pyar He in MTV Ishq Deewane, a programme based on the love affairs of celebrity spouses.

Let me remind, Zubeen lend his voice “Jane Kya Hoga Rama Rey Jane Kya Hoga Mola Rey” in the movie Kaantein. He also sang “ Jane Kya Chahe Man Bawra….” from Pyaar Ke Side Effect movie.

I would request him to work on his media PR. If possible employ a good secretary, a media savvy secretary in his pay roll, before he dies from the audience of small tube. He must understand he cannot remain to this medium. Even if he thinks the medium doesn’t play any role in ones professional career. The superstar of Bollywood, the badshah of hindi film industry, Shah Rukh Khan is the best example who made his life from television.

That’s all….



Ya Ali - gangster....

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pronojit wrote (http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=986814&tid=2546117915170912357&start=1):

    Yeah.....he's able to grab the popularity.......recently i had been to pune,delhi & gurgaon..got to know....many of my non assamese friends r already fan of zubeen da...

  2. shekhar Says:

    u said the right thing!Zubeen is a popular name in the Assamese film industry and he is doing an exceptional job in Bollywood too. But in ordetr to sustain in the cut-throat Hindi film industry, he need to do a bit of promotioanl work.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have always felt that the talent of Zubeen is not utilized properly....he is an outstanding singer....but he is known to a very few....he should really do his homework on promotional work.....he is a burning example of the innocent Assamese people, who r happy in their own world....it is nice to know that at least somebody have thought to write something about this talented singer....good work....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    He is the best singer I ever know... his voice is so soothing, inspiring.

  5. Ratul Says:

    He is the new talent in Bollywood. He is a BOMB. He has a kind of sound in his voice which need a life time dedication to develop. Definitely he will rise in his life and I believe he will inspire a new era in the hindi film music industry.
    God Bless Him....

  6. Priyanka Says:

    I am livin in Basundhara Apartment in Mumbai. I am a singer. Recently,I had visit a talent hunt show where lots of good talents were coming to show their power. As a active member of the music society, I almost know all the well faces that were good in their jobs.In that show, me along with many other there were shocked when one of the reputed singer, in stage, try to sang the Zubeens "YAA ALI" song and was fall in a situation where his voice suddenly breaks down..aaaaeee..He then surrendered from his show..I then really thaught the job was not a easyer one. The judges also said the same. From then I used to collect Zubeens songs and listen them carefully. finally I realised that he is an Outstanding singer. He has such a quality in his voice that the commomn singers of the industry does not have..He is mind blowing..
    Have U ever heard his song "JANE KYA" from PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS...ohh...all my friends are now great fans of Zubeen..
    We often disscuss about the new releases of Zubeen and eagerly waiting for them..
    One of my friend "Sagarika" often says --
    "I will just kiss Zubeen and hug him with my all power if I meet him ever..."
    Zubeen is simply great

  7. Pinakee Says:

    hey guys... i think zubeen is doing a good job after ya ali release...many songs after that...almost 20-25 numbers, and the way he had been popular in just an yr is mind blowing... he is a steady performer... give him some time i am sure he ll be known to all...he is coming up with his new Hindi album 'Zindagi' may that be a leap towards as much name n fame in the bollywood music industry as in northeast...

  8. Shashank Srivastava Says:

    I heard of Zubeen when he shot the fame with Ya Ali. I liked this song so much that whenever i am in blues i listen to this song to get over those feelings. I like the kind of texture he has in his voice. Its not silky like Sonu's but is sure powerful. He is exceptional singer. And not to forge the fact that all of his songs have been hit. Listen to Ab Mujhko Jeena from Aashayien and you will feel the power (please keep the volume up of your speakers:)) I heard this song in cinema hall & this caused my hair to stand on their edges. He is also highly non-controversial. I really like his texture.

  9. Champak Kalita Says:

    His voice is naturally gifted.anyone can't have voice like him doing practice and hardwork. He can sing with very high scale.He is not only a singer but also pure hearted person.

  10. Unknown Says:

    He is a great artist at all.