Childhood musing…


It was a teatime break and we all five or six content writers friends were sipping coffee in our usual speed, and from nowhere a topic, what we all wished to become in our later life when we were child, found its root. And very soon we all were pouncing one over another to tell our story.

It was not a usual “what you wanted to become in our life” type of rapid question fire round that were asked in the school. It turned out be a full of out-of-the-box childhood wishes that had remained unfulfilled and which didn’t get the wings to fly; may be the wings were defective or not practically possible in the real world.

A friend wearing spectacle sitting beside me after clearing his throat said he had wanted to become a mechanic, again clearing his throat said “not a mechanical engineer exactly”. He narrated his fascination over the attract-repel property of the magnets. Magnets of round shape, cubical shape and of any shape had the magical effect on him.

And I found all friends had the same intensity of fascination over magnets. We all had the same story – putting a coin onto the railway track and running it over by a train turned it into a magnet. We all laughed on this believable ‘true’ story.

Something that fascinated me at this grand magnet story was that we all were born and brought up in different place, different locality, in different culture and in different time fame, but we all present there at the coffee table had the same tone and substance of the story. How come it can be possible?

Another friend sitting in the right side of me like a obedient good boy said he always wanted to become a “doctor”. I remembered I even had the momentary urge to become a doctor after completing my class 12th. It was not my dream that exuded from my inner-self but it was some sort of a temporary shift or ‘transit’ to become a doctor.

The two friends sitting opposite of me said they had never gave a thought on this topic in their childhood premium age. May be they don’t want to express their well-kept secret. But we all carried childhood dream of different shades and hue.

Before our childhood jottings stretch, the end of tea break persuaded all of us to head towards the place of our work. I didn’t tell that one of my childhood hobbies was collecting packets of incense stick. More the variety of packets from various brands, more happy I used to get. My favourite was Onam agarbatti. Hiiiiihihhhiiihi….hahahhaha……….

Childhood dreams are indeed childhood dreams, which never fade from our mind and from our consciousness. It always remains with us; just we all have to go down the memory lane to relive it.

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