I will stand by him till the end

Love knows no law


It was like another morning for me. Two newspapers bundled with a rubber band were thrown into the 2nd floor of my building and it fell near to my window. As usual to catch my cab I hurriedly picked up the newspaper and ran towards my pick-up destination. Before I leave, I checked whether I am carrying my purse, mobile and the official ID. I found everything was in its proper place.

And after waiting for few minutes I got a miss call. I didn’t care to see who has remembered me and has given me a miss call. In my figment of my imagination I was not expecting something is waiting for me, which will catch my eyes and will make me write on that incident.

The cab arrived and I took my front seat, and with no time we were driving towards the destination. I was not concerned which road the cab had taken and what is the status of traffic. Whenever I looked outside the imposing big buildings of Delhi were visible. I remember the cab had taken roads from the market to citadel of power of the whole India.

I unbundled the newspapers and started reading it. I gave a cursory glance to the first page, 2nd page and got involved flipping the pages after reading minutely the headlines and one or two paragraphs.

The first page of the July 20, 2007, the Delhi edition of the Hindustan Times read “TV news to be shackled” and in the anchor article it was “Last Potter book is in the leaky cauldron”. Both these news item did not struck me hard capable to make inroads into my heart and brain.

There was a news item in the inside page of the newspaper that froze my heart and made me read again and again. It has the opening sentence "I will stand by him till the end” and headline: “Love knows no law”.

The news item was related to the sentences passed by the Special TADA Judge to the key alleged culprits who have masterminded 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. But what relation it had with the ‘love’? How the pristine entity like ‘love’ could be used or have the relation with the heinous crime. This thought really befuddled me.

The whole report read:

“I will stand by him till the end” said Mubina Parkar outside the Tada court on Thursday after Special Judge P.D. Kode awarded capital punishment to Shoeibh Ghansar for planting the bomb at Zaveri Bazaar bomb, which killed 17 people. "We shall fight it out in the Supreme Court. God willing he will be a free man," said Mubina. A burga-clad Mubina was inconsolable after Judge Kode announced the sentence saying: "He (Ghansar) came into the conspiracy late but played a major role by planting a bomb." All the while, Ghansar just sat with his head bowed, prayer beads in hand. The 36-year-old Mubina fell in love with the 44-year-old Ghansar at the Arthur Road jail where she would visit her father, Dada Sharif Parkar, one of the main landing agents also sentenced in the 1993 serial bomb blasts case. The 82-year-old Parkar was sentenced to 14 years' in prison and fined Rs 5 lakh. Mubina, who studied law, has turned down several marriage proposals. She has been waiting for Ghansar's release so they can marry "I have waited for 14 long years and will wait further to marry him. I have a strong belief in the judiciary and I hope the Apex Court will let him off," she said.

Courtesy: The Hindustan Times

What did you feel reading the whole news report? Tide of love sails against the tide of peoples’ perception; love sees no boundary; love is natural and it has no effect of the tear and wear of time. Loves blooms with time.

And this is what Mubina Parkar did for Shoeibh Ghansar, an accomplice of the Mumbai bomb blasts?

When did our cab arrive at the office I didn’t come to know? I get down from the cab and found the day was not at all different from the other day. The day has same work to slog upon.


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