My Visit to Punjab

Our work takes us to many places and like our first love we all cherish and it goes down to our memory. And in this backdrop, my visit to Punjab was no doubt memorable and enchanting in many respect as it gave me first hand knowledge of being in Punjab. Nevertheless, when the company is paying the visit, it does naturally makes the whole trip exciting.

My journey started on Sunday evening from the Inter State Bus Terminus, Kashmere Gate, New Delhi. Though it was not my first visit to Punjab, earlier I had been to Ludhiana for my personal purpose. But this time the story was different my pocket was bulging with money that the company gave me, so this time I was not spending it miserly. I was freely spending it on eateries, just making it sure I take appropriate bill against it.

I must confess the bus was not as luxurious as I thought it gave me an impression of a regular bus plying in the Delhi roads. The bus was on its way at around 10.30 pm, I made my sitting comfortable beside a window.

With the inquisitiveness of my visit lurking in my head, though I was physically inside the bus, I was constantly gazing outside noticing the changes taking place in the geography of the places.

If there was something occupying my mind it was the feeling that I had grown up, now I am no more with my father in this travel. All the journeys from the painstaking to the luxurious, that we had made with my father started popping out in my mind. The five-day journey from the interior place Silchar (Assam) to the troubled torn city of Kashmir, was running in my mind.

Being a reporter covering real estate sector my eyesight was constantly falling on real estate developments frantically taking place in the state. In the eerie night of my travel, the under-construction building was giving a monstrous look. I started imagining these building which looks gigantic now, what would be its structure in the daytime when it will be clear.

In the whole journey, many people get down and many boarded in each station coming in its route.

With all these running in my mind, when did I fall asleep, I do not know? But when I got up I was in the Jalandhar bus stand. The Jalandhar bus stand in its first impression was giving the usual looking other bus stand of the state. I ordered tea to break tiredness. After sipping hot tea made of pure milk of Punjab, I started searching for a lodge or hotel.

But without much effort I was able to find a lodge just beside the bus stand. It was so-so with bare necessity. After check-in into the hotel, and spending few hours in and around the hotel I headed towards the Radisson hotel, which was fortunately was at a walking distance from my hotel.

After meeting with my owner my boring hours started ticking, as there was nothing I could dissolve myself. I, along with another cameraperson waited till 6 pm and it ended when at last I took an interview of a local politician. With this my whole day work was over. I was left with an instruction that I will be called in if they need me.

Following next day, I spent my time surfing net just beside the Radisson hotel. At evening I was instructed to head towards Chandigarh, after completing the interview of DC, Jalandhar. The journey from Jalandhar to Chandigarh I find was more breathtaking, and nearer to the nature.

Through out the journey from Jalandhar to Chandigarh, the road was running parallel with a canal. The landscape was plain with beautiful houses doting the fields showing people’s prosperity of the state. It was not crowded; everything seems to in proper place and space.

I was getting impatient of travel and asking constantly fellow travelers when the planned city arrives. At last harbingers of being in this city was visible with round shaped gardens, controlled buildings and market places. Moreover, with the vehicles carrying “CHD” tag in the number plates.

Spending a night in the hotel, which was quite far away from the Bus stand, in morning I headed towards the residence of Commerce and Industry Minister of the state. Though I was unable to find his residence, I positioned myself into the residence of the State co-operative minister. While waiting for an hour, where many elderly people were also sitting, I was told by the tongue-tied minister to meet him in Civil Secretariat.

In the midst of turban wearing Punjabis, I was looking as an alien who is without the turban and well-built physique.

After getting out from his residence, I went straight to the Civil Secretariat. Getting into the Civil Secretariat was not so easy as I thought. After lot of call and verification at last I was into the citadel of power. Security was tight, for a moment I found myself in Kashmir.

In my stay in Chandigarh I got awed by the ultra-rich people and the pompous lifestyle they lead. I find whomever I chat all were proud of Chandigarh. Some were saying it is the city with highest per capita income, lowest crime level and the cleanest city in India. And I find all these were absolutely correct.
At last the day came when I had to head towards Delhi. Knowing this visit would be my last visit, I with heavy heart so to remember everything, started gazing the buildings of the Sector 17 and the beautiful lanes and the ebullient people.

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