My first encounter with ghost - Part I

Nowadays there is virtually a sort of bombardment of ghost/ devil stories in various television channels notwithstanding with the fact that they are being put up in the hardcore hindi news channel.

Well, if one ponders hard and ask oneself from where do they get all these trembling black images sort of stories in daily basis, it is definitely to feed the hungry television time and raise their TRPs.

But if I narrate my encounters that took place decades ago in the early 1960s I have never seen or encountered since then. Don’t feel cheated since all you people or netizens supposedly were not born then.

The world we are presently living was far different from the world that I grew up. The rural/ urban India was not as it is today. To cover a distance of mere 20 km took a whole day. That was Assam, district Cachar, village Mohanpur virtually cut-off from the other world. It was a quite sleepy Bishnupriya Manipuri village covered with evergreen trees.

The news of ghost/ devil encounters was listened and discussed vociferously than the news flying around the world. And my encounter with this spirits took place within a year when I was in class eighth.

It was an eerie moonlit mid night and at the dead hours I got up from the bed to urinate. I came outside my home, I saw shades of trees casting their shadows on the ground and silence perpetuating the whole universe.

And the silence was broken, interrupted when I saw a shady man coming from the funeral site, which was near to my house. My muddy house was at the periphery of our village.

At first I could not recognize him but as he approached near about 400 metre from me. Then I was able to make out who the shady figure is.

He was our neighbour who was severely suffering from the blood dysentery and confined to bed. At once it crossed my mind that he cannot be the one whom I thought at first. He cannot loiter at this dead hour.

And under this circumstances it was vividly clear to me that the person coming towards me is no more my neighbour but a spirit (read ghost) replicating him wearing a white full baniyan and gamocha and carrying a burning hukka in hand.

The distance between him and me was so near and close that I could clearly hard the bubbling sound of hukka and see the smoke continuously coming out from his mouth.

I noticed inquisitively all his activities while hiding myself behind a big mango tree and a little beetal nut tree, assuaging my desire to know more about these creatures which was unfolding first time in front of my eyes. I was just 15 years old then.

The living ghost was then approximately 15 meter away and he suddenly changed his direction, he turned back and ambled again towards the cremation site from where he came.
I watched it till the replica became invisible from my eyes. Later I quietly came back to my bed. Early morning it was widely circulated news in my village.

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