Don't Watch this Movie! Ever.

Is there any movie which you can’t forget? Though, the movie is not the one that you would love to watch again and again. But, when you saw the movie a thought crossed your mind that the movie is different, very different, its taste is different.

Yes, recently I saw one such movie I couldn’t say the movie is one of my favourite. But I could say it was quite opposite to other Hollywood or Bollywood movies in its treatment and story telling. The movie was Cannibal Holocaust.

The first thought that attacked my mind was how the movie could be made available to the public viewing. It cannot be since the movie Cannibal Holocaust is all about cannibalism, barbaric acts, mindless violence and nudity.

It is not that all these shades are not in the so called Bollywood or Hollywood movies, these elements do exist. But here in this movie it was in extreme. Can’t believe a movie could be based to such extent? Cannibal Holocaust is a purely horror movie.

However, another thought that one get from the movie is that it is a real one, based on the videos taken by four enthusiasts who went to the Amazon River basin to study tribes. Videos shoot by these amateurs are part of the whole movie. But it is the not the truth. This I come to know that the whole movie is staged after I searched in internet about the movie and unraveled the truth. Such is the impact on me that I have to use internet.

The movie Cannibal Holocaust was banned in 50 countries. The director was jailed and the prints of the movie were seized when it was first released in Italy. The director had to prove that the actors were not dead. The movie saw the actors’ dead. Nevertheless, those animals killed while shooting the movie were not lucky enough.

About the movie I could say the movie Cannibal Holocaust will be the top horror film ever made. According to the Entertainment Weekly magazine, Cannibal Holocaust is the 20th century the most controversial film of all-time. Why not? There were scenes in the movie showing men and women cut to pieces.

I am not writing more you could understand why. Here are the few of the pictures available in Internet.

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