How to Delete Google Products/ Yahoo Products?


Cyber-bullying, phishing and spamming have been proliferating; you may want to discontinue usage of some of the services that portals like Google/Yahoo provide; in such cases, you had better deactivate the services rather than staying away from them.

CYBER-BULLYING, phishing, and spamming have become the order of the day in the
internet world. Often, you avail yourself of services from Google / Yahoo. Some of the services you avail yourself of have to do with the voyeuristic streak in you and hence may have to be periodically deleted or deactivated or cancelled.

At the forefront of all services is the e-mail or the electronic mail, an introductory service that everybody availed of before entering the everywhere-anywhere world of cyber age. You may seek deletion or deactivation or cancellation of a service because you no longer like the service or the password you use to access the said service may have slipped into public domain or you may have be-come a victim of unsolicited bulk e-mail (spamming).

Many of us are inclined to believe that the best way possible to shield ourselves from such menaces is by simply staying away from (i.e. by not accessing) the account. By doing so, you are not doing any good to yourself. Anyone with your username and password will not only have a free run with your personal information and contacts but may also be involved in sending malicious mail using your identity; he / she may undertake data mining to collect email addresses; he / she may send unauthorised mail via open, third-party servers; he / she may upload, distribute or disseminate unlawful, defamatory, abusive, fraudulent, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content.

Not to mention the terrorists organizations which are prowling feverishly in the internet may get hold of your Email id and use it for their nefarious plans. It may be possible. So, before it is too late and you repent it is better to delete/ deactivate or cancel your Email account or any other services which you think has been compromised.

You must remember that the Email id is your property and you owe to it, and in this regard you are solely responsible for any content that you have created, transmitted or displayed while using the services; consequently you are liable of your actions by doing so.

You have your name in the Google/ Yahoo products. You must know how to delete/ deactivate or cancel your name and the online identity since not knowing the procedure would be like you know how to start a motorbike and you are able to ride it but you don’t know how to stop it. If this is the case you could be able to imagine what would happen to you after you started riding.

Here is the procedure to delete Google Mail service:

Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
Open the Accounts tab.
Click Google Account settings.
Click Edit next to My services on the right side.
Click Delete Gmail Service.
Once you close your Gmail account, you can’t reactivate it, and you won’t be able to retrieve any messages.

Here is the procedure to delete Yahoo Mail service:

Click My Account at the top of your Mail page, beneath your ID.
To make it sure it’s you, you have to again provide your password.
In the first section of the page that opens, click Manage My Premium Services.
In the “Service” column, locate “Yahoo! Mail Plus”. Along the same line, in the column on the far right – “Action” –click View Service Details.
Now, above the “Service Summary” box, in the upper-right area of the page, click Cancel Service.

Here’s what happens when you cancel Yahoo Mail service:

Service is terminated immediately upon cancellation request, and a pro-rated re-fund for the unused portion of the service is issued upon cancellation.

Your Yahoo! Mail account reverts to the free Mail storage size and other free features. If you cancel your Mail Plus, your account turns into a free Yahoo! Mail account that you can continue to use…minus the Mail Plus features. If you’re trying to delete your Yahoo! ID and/or Yahoo! Mail account, check out the Account Deletion page.

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