An Idea from the Idea


What would you do to make an urgent call of the fact there is no outgoing facilities in your mobile? And it is very urgent. It is dead night at Delhi and you are outside your home and the door is closed. Will you bang incessantly on the door or call in high pitch to awaken your parents? It is sure you will try both, but after trying hard you don’t get any positive response. Again, what would you do? Imagine! TRY hard.

Of his profession in the hotel industry, my brother had to come at dead night. Usually, someone from our family, task taken by my sister, awakes whole night to receive him. A call from him alerts her that he has come and her work is over by opening the gate. This followed by watching television and browsing the net by him.

But on this very day or say un-fateful night, he came at his usual time; he banged the door and screamed aloud. But he didn’t get any respite from his maiden effort. After waiting for an hour, someone came to help him out. Imagine who would be the one, who appeared in the tiny lanes of Delhi and in the midst of unscrupulous neighbour, and who took him out from the slough of depression of not able to enter at night, so devoid of sleep. The sleep that can log out anyone’s active thinking booting process.

His all attempts failed miserably which was always armed with teeth with a mobile phone and all possible gadgets. But on that day, he was not having the outgoing facility subscribed to Idea mobile service. He called the customer service of the Idea cellular service and narrated his agonized state.

And the sentient customer service personnel responded maturely, emotively with a human touch. Someone receiving your call at 2.00 a.m and in a sweet tone and showing empathy to your concern is really a matter to write and publicized. This only happens in the Mughal kingdom, Delhi and in the customer service of the Idea cellular service personnel who are not refusenik in nature. Quite opposite to the merciless cacophony projected about the Delhi and the pesky, unresponsive so-so customer service.

The customer service personnel called at first to my brother’s mobile and it went unattended. Again he called my brother who was waiting for his call to take another number. This time he gave my sister’s mobile number. My sister who was sleeping dead like a log picked up the phone, so this way the night that seemed to be long and dreary ended this way.

So, next time you wanted to buy any mobile service available in the market, bet on Idea service so that you remain connected every time, everywhere.

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