Unravelling Haunting Travel: New Delhi to Gurgoan

Who said while in pain you don't enjoy! It is not true. At least for me I thoroughly enjoy the grueling, painful travel that I undertake daily, 6 days of a week to get to my office. The bone-breaking journey has unraveled many inhibitions, fear that was ingrained deep in me.I mean it has made me a good person. The travel has broken many myths about the place Gurgoan, even broken some unestablished myths about myself that was in my head. It is truly a new avatar at my end.

I laugh on myself like a child when I am successful to get to office before time. The journey that I took as ordeal in the initial days, now after one month I am enjoying it to the fullest, every day is a new day for me. I have discovered the true dichotomy that exists in Delhi in general, and Gurgoan in particular.

In Delhi, where getting into a place is easy, thanks to Metro and fleet of government and privately owned buses. In its neighboring mini Delhi, Gurgoan synonymous of India's growth in real estate and IT, the situation is drastic. Traveling from Delhi to Gurgaon and vice versa, it needs proper planning and execution with a tinge of savvy knowledge that can be learnt only when you are physically present.

And witnessing the dynamics of the commuters on this route is really a fun. How do they attack any cab or car plying on the Delhi-Gurgoan road, National Highway 8? The attraction between commuters and cabs is similar to attraction and repulsion effect between iron and magnet. Though there is no theory that describes the commuters and cabs.

As soon as a cab halts, commuters, all office goers literally attack the driver with a volley of questions - Duala Kuan jayegi, Saket jayegi, Wazirpur jayegi....? And those who gets the cab going to their destination, getting into the cab comes as a struggling moment, since one has to compete with his fellow passengers.

And all this love-hate, success-failure takes place with me on the road of Delhi Gurgoan road. When I am successful, I treat myself with a chilled champagne. It is a moment of success, I celebrate it by taking omlette or boiled eggs with my friend Kushal.

Here is the plan that I undertake very often while going to office. For getting at time in office, I leave home exactly at 8 am and take a bus to Naraina, Ring Road from Inder Puri.

The real journey starts from here. The mode of vehicle determines, how I will reach Gurgoan, the two-third journey to my office. I prefer cab since it takes less time and it is comfortable compared to the bus journey where getting a seat is a distant dream.

As soon as I get down from the bus here in Naraina. My eyes start scanning all the cabs plying on the road automatically, without any external stimuli. God knows which cab turns out to be the one I was searching for!

Most of the time I am successful to get a cab. Drivers had a gaga time earning extra money from us, I came to know, as much as we are dependent on them, they are equally dependent on us. The drivers of the cabs and the commuters like me are both hawk-eyed in the fulfillment of their requirements. They get money and I get a pleasant ride. The ecosystem is built, and it runs smoothly.

The journey from Naraina to IFFCO chowk, Gurgoan cost Rs 15. Traffic is erratic and unpredictable. One can see fleet of bikes in this chill environment of Delhi, swirling here and there in the road struggling to get a space. The scene is beautiful , all happening on the road. Not an inch is left vacant on the road.

While at Toll Gate, which is presently not running. All speeding vehicles gives the impression of the volume of water gushing out from the tunnels of the dam. And seeing ourselves part of this gushing vehicles effect, it is altogether a memorable moment.

And after a pleasant ride which takes more than 45 minutes, I get down at IFFCO Chowk. From there I head towards my next journey which takes place in a rickety auto rickshaw. The auto rickshaw visible here in Gurgoan, I suppose must be shown in the Discovery Channel or Travel TV. I really mean it. An auto rickshaw accommodates 15 people! And it goes to 20 people if situation demands!!

Using the same mode of travel I go to Rajiv Chowk, and there to the place of job. This ritual, which has become part of my life since one month has vanished the fear, the traveling fear about Gurgoan. Now, the thought that Delhi is inaccessible after 4pm doesn't haunt me, doesn't disturb me. I look cool and relax at 8 pm, here, deep inside in Gurgoan, Haryana where offices work 24x7, 365 days of a year.

I suppose in this one month's to-and-fro journey I might have shared with you the same seat in cab or have bitterly struggled with you!

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